Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I had to ask, didn't I?

A few days ago I said, "Dare I ask what's next?"

Well, I found out.

We're moving.

This house is too hot and the A/C isn't getting fixed (or even looked at). Rental prices in Vegas have dropped by half in the past 12 months, so we can get a similar place with a bigger yard now for $600-800/month (vs the then-dirt-cheap $1200/month when we got this place). The neighborhood was fine (not great) when we moved in and is going down hill (we've had people arrested basically in our front yard twice, there was that incident with 5 gunshots the other day, we hear sirens every night--and we don't live on a main road or by the hospital or fire station to justify it like we did in Longmont--bunches of houses in the neighborhood are for sale and not selling, and someone stole the ash tray out of our beat up '96 Honda Odyssey--made away with all of 98 cents in pennies and nickels and a key to a car that was sent to the junk yard in Colorado 2 years ago, but I still felt violated. Why would anyone break into a 13-year-old beat up minivan? Seriously!). Um--Bugs. Lots of bugs here. Can't get rid of them. Mystery bugs are becoming a daily experience, and the kids are covered with bug bites (especially tiny painful ones from itsy-bitsy black ants that are vicious and we can't get rid of!). Lots of reasons to bail. Including that blasted carpet I mentioned before. I still hate carpet.

We're trying to pack (Trying, I say, because it's being difficult, with Tim on tour in Utah, Nathanael having developed separation anxiety--when his body is separated from mine, he has anxiety--and a shortage of boxes).

The plan as it stands right now is to chuck our stuff into storage and take an extended vacation to Utah (6 weeks or so) and then return to Vegas to a cheaper house in a better neighborhood with a bigger yard when the weather has cooled off and Tim's currently-in-negotiations contracts here take effect.

But I've learned never to be too set on my own plans. Obviously we'll go with whatever God throws at us and try our best to enjoy it. Whatever it is.


Brooke said...

Well, if you are coming to Utah, we must schedule some playtime for our kids, yes? Drop me a line when you're in town, eh? We'll probably want to have you guys up for dinner now and then, too.

Becca Jones said...

Sounds like fun.

I'm sure Anda would be delighted with more time to play with Eleanor!

Come see Tim's show on the 17th, too--live looping in action!