Monday, August 31, 2009

Benji's Checked-off To Do List for Sunday Night:

Snuggle with mommy while drinking baba.

Toss all books off end tables.

Break a leaf off Grandma's plant and tell mom you finally "got a Flower!" Break up leaf and stem and scatter.

Toss all the books off one shelf (do more if possible).

Eat popsicle in Dad's bed and fall asleep.

Drag nintendo controller all over house by cord; bang it on as much of the antique furniture as possible.

Shove Nintendo controller plug into mommy's mouth ad nauseum (literally).

Spit chewed-up watermelon all over the carpet. In many rooms.

Draw all over self with black marker.

Eat ice cream.

Spill paper cup with fruit stones in it.

Play with poop that didn't go down the potty when someone flushed.

Spill potty water on the floor.

Try to take appliances out of the cupboard (foiled by mom; try again later.....).

Play with whole wheat flour in cupboard.

Have a bath.

Pee in tub (while Baby is in there, too).

Rub pizzadilla into the kitchen floor and then eat it (gets the grease off).

Spit-spray water all over the living room carpet.

Find another cup.

Spit and spill water on the antique end tables.

Try to play outside after dark (foiled by mom; wait until she's not looking....).

Put toys, candy, and nail polish out the doggy door.

Cry to watch a movie (try several titles; perhaps one will stick).

Run screaming (wait until Grandma and Grandpa are asleep).

Hit Anda with a broomstick.

Toss a stick and hit mommy in the head (Dang, narrow miss. Try again when she's not looking....).

Chase Daniel.

Throw chairs around.

Mess with the article Caleb is reading online (how many clicks in before he catches me?).

Lose one of Anda's shoes (but not the other).

Run car all over keyboard while Mommy is typing.

Run away when Mom tries to change my poopy diaper (wait until baby is crying already).

Yell at Mommy: "Don't Spank ME! I Spank YOU!"

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