Thursday, May 28, 2009

California's attempts to stifle Religion

California is trying to enforce laws that would make it impossible for religious people to have friends over to talk religion without a permit. In this article, they got after a pastor and his wife who hold bible studies at home.,2933,522637,00.html?test=latestnews

Just like the New Hampshire gay marriage law being under attack for trying to protect religious freedoms, this is outlandish.

If this went through, ALL missionary activity, home and visiting teaching, delivering the sacrament to homebound people, group family home evenings, cottage meetings, having friends over to watch conference...would be illegal without a permit.

If San Diego County doesn't immediately back down--if this actually has to go to federal court (where the first amendment rights surely will be upheld, won't they?)--I am even more scared for religious freedom than ever!

In a recent news article, a Californian lamented that other states have approved gay marriage before CA because "We're supposed to be the leader in social issues." If making it impossibly difficult to practice religion and home school children (which they have) is being a "social leader", I want out of that society!

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