Sunday, December 28, 2008

more funny kids

Right at this moment, Anda is playing at being a lion. "A lioness?" I asked. "No, the male one." "But only the females hunt," I said, observing her actions. "Well, I'm just waiting for the cheetah mother. That's not the same as hunting." She's actually playing both characters. It's rather dramatic to watch her sneaking up on herself, and the two characters having a very dramatic disney-esque dialogue about the relative ages of their cubs and who is destined to be the king of beasts--based on whether power or speed is the best characteristic to have. Anda doing all the voices, of course.

Earlier, Anda and Dan watched "Beauty and the Beast" (thanks Aunt Beth and Uncle Ryan!). Afterward, they came running out, and Anda said, "Let's play Beauty and the Beast."
"Okay," said Dan.
"I get to be the Beast," Anda said.
"No, I get to be the Beast," Dan countered.
"No. I'll be the Beast," Anda insisted. "You can be the princess."
"Okay," Dan happily agreed.
And so they ran off, my son the princess and my daughter the Beast.

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