Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ADD jokes

How many kids with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb? Hey, lets go ride bikes!

from a T-shirt: "They tell me I have ADD. Look! A Chicken!"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What do you think of ADD?

Anonymous said...

I ask because I realize my last comment was a little aserbic and possibly out of place. Anyone have thoughts on this one?

Becca Jones said...

Lots and lots of people in my family have ended up having ADD, including father, siblings, spouse, and children.

I, personally, think that everyone who has ADD or knows someone who has ADD should read "Delivered from Distraction" by Dr. Hallowell and also "Healing ADD" by Dr. Amen.

Those two books give you a clear picture of the good things and bad things about ADD, the causes and treatments, and what it's like to live in and with ADD.

I think ADD is a blessing and a curse, just like most gifts (like being unusually intelligent, or artistic, or organized, or whatever you happen to be). I think ADD can be used to a person's advantage, or it can take over a life and paralyze it--or even destroy it.

The thing about ADD is that, unlike some things (like being overly organized), it can be controlled and harnessed to emphasize the good parts and minimize the bad parts.

morelightthanburden said...

Defining ADD, I had always pictured people overly distracted and/or easily distracted, unable to control their ability to concentrate. The way you talk I am hearing something different. You make it sound like a positive (blessing/curse), is it just a hypersensitivity or over-need for stimulation?

Marcia said...

I don't think those jokes are funny at all!