Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sometimes Mommy is Funny, too

So last night I decided I needed to know how much I weighed. I'd seen several of my previous drivers' license photos and I was really round after Anda was born and after Caleb was born, so I wanted to know how much I weighed after Ben.

So I stepped on the scale. Ten pounds more than last time I weighed myself, earlier this week. I have been eating lots of carbs (no time to cook real food, and I'm sick of carrots and red delicious apples), but TEN POUNDS! So I zeroed the scale. No good. Stood forward and back. No good. So, with a resolve to eat more healthy and start walking, I gave up.

An hour later, I still couldn't believe I'd gained ten pounds. So I went back and weighed myself again. Back to my normal weight!

Only then did I realize that the first time I weighed myself, I was holding the baby. I had gone into the bedroom intending to find out how much he weighed, and then got distracted taking care of other kids and forgot both that I was going to find out how much he weighed AND that I was holding him, and only remembered that I wanted to step on the scale.

Ahh, the joys of new motherhood. My brain might come back some day. Maybe.

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