Monday, May 21, 2007

My addiction retired....

Miss Snark, a literary agent blogger, spent the last two years telling new writers what they were doing that annoys literary agents and editors. By knowing what we were all doing wrong, many of us have been able to fix the problems and get more attention to our writing. I think she single-handedly coached thousands of writers through the mystical query process.

Unfortunately, her blog was taking lots of her time, and she is actually a real agent (although nobody seems to know who she is, really).

So she retired from blogging!

Now what will I look at about ten times a day to get my fix? My manuscripts, I guess.....

Anyway, a big thanks to whoever you really are. You will be sorely missed.

Fortunately, she's leaving the blog intact, so it can be searched still as an encyclopedia of information about publishing and what to do and not to do to get published. I'll leave the link on my sidebar. It's still worth perusing. Just won't be updated any time soon.

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