Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nibble Nibble Little Mouse

This morning I woke up to the sounds of something knocking on my back wall--up on the second floor. So I followed the sound into the bathroom and opened the bathroom window. I pretty much terrified the woodpecker that was hanging there making holes in my house. I hope I scared it bad enough that it doesn't come back. I don't need MORE holes in my house.

Last night, Daniel was "writing" in my journal with me, making little tiny words. He even holds his pen like an adult. Dan may not talk, but he "gets" how things are done--systems, physical motions, etc. So he knows when Mommy writes, she holds her pen just so and makes little tiny angular and circular motions, so he does too. When he got done, I said, "Can you write your name on it?" He looked at me, clearly not understanding. So I said, "Can you write Daniel?" His expression changed to one that said, "are you sure you want me to?" Then he slowly put the pen to his head and drew all over the top of his head and on his cheek. I guess he "wrote Daniel." I had to laugh.

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