Saturday, March 24, 2007

Daniel is Funny

Daniel has one of those "pop up" toys that when you push the button, a character pops out of a box. His has 4 Sesame Street Characters on it, and Elmo's button doesn't make him sing like the other buttons do for their guys. So when Anda managed to make Elmo sing his song ("Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's Song"), Dan was delighted. Then he insisted on pushing that button with his Elbow. I finally clued in and asked him, "Was that guy singing Elbow's Song?" Dan nodded vigorously.

Today he was wiggling and squirming and trying to get away when I was trying to change his diaper. I finally got frustrated and said, "I wish you wouldn't be rough with me when I'm changing your diaper because then I have to be rough with you or you get poop everywhere! What other choice do I have?" Dan looked at me and said, "Desitin?" (Indeed, his bum was sore. That's probably why he was trying to get away--being wiped hurt.)

Daniel has a little backstreet boys figurine that has black hair and a black goatee. He calls it "Daddy." One of his latest favorite games is to pull my shirt up, my panel on my pants down, and show "Daddy" to my bare tummy, which he now calls "Bady" (his word for "baby"). Won't he be surprised when the baby come out!

Dan likes to pummel my tummy with his fists and lean on it. No surprise, then, that when Anda and Dan are both standing in front of me (they always stand in the same place), the baby invariably wiggles into a position closer to Anda, who talks gently and sings to him, and away from where he's likely to get pushed around by Dan.

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