Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tim's New CD--listen online

You can listen to it all here.

This is a sampler cd of all of Tim's projects, so there is a LOT of variety here. A great deal of what you hear was Tim's voice. Many of Tim's compositions, all his arrangements. His concepts for the groups. He auditioned everyone and is music director of all these songs. He did all the producing, recording, all the editing, all the mixing, and sat in on the mastering. He's doing the artwork designs for the CD now.

In other words, this is a demo of Tim's music skills--all of them: music directing, composing, arranging, engineering, producing, performing, etc.

Have a listen.

I _love_ "Paint the Town Red" (Peter's solo is great!), which Tim wrote. I have to laugh, though. While it crossed my mind when I was single that I might someday marry a musician, I thought for sure I'd marry a scientist. Marry a ROCK singer/songwriter never even crossed my mind. I'm pretty sure my mom won't like that track, actually. It's that kind of rock.

Tim's performance on "Good Luck Charm" just makes me melt (and there's not many songs or performances that do that). I listen to the song over and over just because it shows off how gorgeous Tim's voice is. He sings all the parts on that one. I think he actually trumped Elvis on this one.

Loving his live looping song, "Sweet Dreams", which is a mashup of a bunch of covers, but I think he did it really skillfully and it's a lot of fun.

The only song I'm sad didn't make it was "Perhaps". I think that one will hit the website next week sometime--it's REALLY AMAZING.

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