Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For School this week:

Caleb, on his own, decided to write a version of a Christmas Carol using characters from his favorite website,   It's really good.

Anda has, of her own accord, delved into both painting and computer game design.

Daniel is reading and writing better than before, and is working on representational painting.

Benji has become enamored with subtraction, so he's doing a lot of that (he's only 2, so that's pretty cool). He also did Caleb's vocabulary assignment--filling in missing letters. I had to tell him which letter to find, but he typed it by himself. He also has given up on the letter names and now calls them by their sounds.

Nathanael (14 months old today) can now accurately hit a real nail with a real hammer, and he taught himself how to use the nintendo controller--he plays pacman world 2 rather well for someone who comprehends games not at all. It's cute to see Pacman wandering around doing what a 14 month old would do in a cartoon world--lots of jumping, lots of wandering. Still, for a kid who doesn't speak clearly yet and who still crawls when he wants to go fast, I'd say that's not too shabby.

All of the kids are elated at the newest find in our boxes: books. They have been reading and reading and reading some more. Even Nathanael is walking around with books a good portion of the day.

Oh, and the kids consented to do what I suggested for them, too, but they had to squeeze it in between their own projects.


Brooke said...

Let me guess: was Strong Bad cast as Scrooge and Homestar as Bob Cratchit? I can't figure out who in the Homestarrunner world should be Tiny Tim, though.

Becca Jones said...

How'd you guess?

Caleb says Homsar is both Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Christmas Past. (I thought the King of Town should be Christmas pas, but, alas....)