Saturday, March 06, 2010

This was me...this is my kids...this is why we homeschool

Of course, it's not the only reason. But a large one.


Laramie said...

Here's the crazy thing--we run these public schools and see that there's outstanding demand for gifted programs, so much, in fact, that we test kinder- and first graders, then select the top of the class, depending on availability. How does this fail our students?

Suppose that from every class of 30, 10 kids (or parents) apply for the gifted program. Perhaps out of every 100 individuals that want to be in the gifted program, 10 make it.

This means that starting out--in the first grade--the school system has already failed the other 90. Of these, some are likely average, others above average, but all have motivated parents, and ALL clearly want more from the school system than it is willing to give them.

Suppose for a minute that in the other 20 students--those that didn't apply--the likelihood of a gifted intelligence is half as high. Those students have already been failed by both parents and schools as well...

Now ask if this is the best that we can do?

Becca Jones said...

I totally agree!

We chose homeschool instead of gifted programs (even though there are some here) because the school system is under impossible rules: they are, by law, required to provide an "appropriate" education to each child. That's not possible for the school--they're divided too many ways.

But I can do it for my kids. So I do.

I don't know the answer for all the other kids.