Saturday, December 10, 2016

Emmy says,

1 yo is highly competitive and independent. Yesterday it was:

Me: "I need to blow my nose."
Em: "NO! Boogers are mine. _I_ blow nose."

Me: "I got up at 10:30 am yesterday, and 11:00 am today! Hooray!"
3yo: "But I got up at 13."
Em: "I get up at twenty. One." (said as though on second thought, twenty was not a big enough number.)(I didn't even know she knew "twenty.")

I lift her off my bed.
"No! Me do it!" She climbs back on so she can slide back off herself.

I put her diaper on.
"No! Me do it!" She takes her diaper half way off and realizes that she can't do it, so she says, so sweetly, "Mommy tab it up." I do. She rips it open again. "No! Me do it!"

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