Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Things that bothered me this week

--Sexism disguised as "feminism" that is, therefore, socially acceptable.

--Feminists who tell women how to be happy (and it doesn't include children)

--The idea that my very most important work (raising my family) could be left out of my obituary because some stupid feminist made a rule about that

--The idea that women should be more like men instead of maybe considering the idea that maybe men are the ones doing it wrong, or that everyone brings something different to the table and we should use and appreciate all the offerings instead of rejecting some

--Seeing homeschooling parents condemning their children and making them do assignments again even though they got all the answers right because the lines were not straight enough (and the kid is just 5 years old)

--Seeing all around us that people arbitrarily condemn others (including their own spouses and children) for doing things "wrong" when, in fact, it's just another way of doing it. Why is the method more important than the

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