Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How I got rid of warts with duct tape

I never have warts. Until this last pregnancy. And then I had three, one after another.  People have asked me how I got rid of them with duct tape, so here's the scoop:

I read online that you can get rid of warts with duct tape, and that people have done legit studies that showed that duct tape was more effective than "freezing" warts in a doctor's office, and less painful.

I figured I'd try it. I had duct tape, and I didn't like my warts--they were each painful to walk on.

Here's how I did it:

I put a piece of duct tape over the wart. I left it on all the time except for 2-6 hours once a week.  If the tape fell of, I put a new piece on as soon as I could. (Some people say you should file the wart with an emery board when you remove the duct tape, but I didn't do that and it worked anyway.)

That's it. It took the pain away so I could walk, and then the warts went away.

It took about 8 weeks, though, which I hear is about how long any method takes. For a long, long time, there was no change in the warts. And then suddenly one week I'd peel off the tape and find a "seed" had been exposed. A week of taping later, it was gone, and a week later the wart went away. So if you try this, don't give up if it takes a long time and doesn't look like anything is happening.

I did discover, though, that not just any old duct tape works. The new "light" varieties actually cause your healthy skin to peel off in big sheets but make the warts worse. So don't use the "light" variety. If you tear off a piece of duct tape and examine the sticky side, it has to have visibly white adhesive for it to work for wart removal. If you peel the duct tape off your skin after a couple of days and examine the adhesive, you should be able to see a very clear "Fingerprint" (or foot print or whatever) that shows all the tiny lines in your skin imprinted in the adhesive. If you can't, you have the wrong kind of duct tape and it won't work.

So that's it. Easy as pie. Effective. Painless. Inexpensive. That's my kind of cure.

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