Friday, March 01, 2013

I knew it would happen some day

I shop like my mom.

I knew it would happen some day, and today as I hefted the box of oranges into my cart at the store, I thought of that.

I shop like my mom now, buying 40 lbs of oranges all at once, without fear of them going bad before they get eaten. 40 lbs of regular oranges, 5 lbs of mini oranges (plus 3 lb more yesterday), 15 clamshells of blackberries (and they gave me a bulk purchase discount because of it!), 2 cases of yogurt, 50 lb of cheese (maybe more), 30-pack box of corn dogs, 2 dozen donuts for a treat, a dozen bags of marked down Valentine candy (lollipops, pixie stix, and conversation hearts)...among other things. I started buying the big big bags of frozen veggies (and chicken strips, and fish sticks, and, well, frozen anything, actually)--the ones in the "Institutional" section of the store. I guess that means I've been institutionalized?

Now I'm trying to figure out how she managed all those years buying this much stuff with only one fridge. My fridge, freezer, and chest freezer are full, and everything isn't put away yet.

I think I need another fridge. If I can just figure out where to put it....

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