Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homeschooling mantra

I walked past a box today full of papers and noticed one sticking out with my handwriting on it. So I pulled it out--it was a page of notes that I had written the day I decided I really could succeed at homeschooling without the help of a cyberschool or an established curriculum.

It is the set of rules I was to live by that would make homeschooling successful. A mantra, if you will. It says:

#1 -- Learning Is Fun
#2 -- I can do it better
#3 -- Exposure to Everything Good
#4 -- The truth (and Resources) are out there
#5 -- (K-6) They're gonna do it again--no stress
#6 -- Reductionism -- Concepts before details

On another page I found,
"1. Learning Is Active
2. Experience-based education
3. We aren't in a hurry"

So there you have it--a mixture of my own reassurances and my own educational philosophies when I was getting started.

And you know what? I CAN do schooling better than the public schools can. Learning actually IS fun. And the resources were truly out there (and free).

It's a lot of work to make my own curricula, but it's fun, and hopefully it will make homeschooling LESS work for other families.

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