Friday, November 04, 2011


Tim has the opportunity to go work with a great producer in Las Vegas. We have to find a way to get him down there and to pay for studio time.

We don't know anyone who has the full $2500 we need, but we do know over 250 people. If everyone we know can donate $1-$10 before Dec 4, we'll have enough to send him down there.

We set up a kickstarter:

If you have any spare, consider helping out? (There are rewards--if you go through Kickstarter, you're not actually donating $10, for example, you're actually buying $10 worth of music from Tim. Kickstarter is just a way for us to collect and dedicate the funds for this specific project).

Thank you!!!!!


Catherine said...

Just a reminder, Tim, that your cousin Elizabeth lives in Las Vegas and has a separate casita in her back yard that you would absolutely be welcome to stay in. I'm sure you worry about staying with people because of keeping odd hours and whatnot, but with a separate entrance, you could come and go without bothering anyone. AND you could eat her food for free! Just a thought. Best of luck!

Becca Jones said...

We knew Elizabeth was down there, but I didn't know about that Casita. That might solve a lot of our problems, actually.

Thanks for the Tip!

Catherine said...

You bet. She LOVES having people stay. I told her you might be in touch.