Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tango, by Tim

Tim has been working on this video for a month now (maybe more). It's a departure from his comedy bent.

And I LOVE it. Visually, emotionally, aurally it's poetry. The symbolism is fantastic. The editing is amazing.

Some fun little tidbit about this:

In January, Tim decided he needed a movie studio at the house, so he could work whenever he wanted. As soon as it was warm enough, he converted the garage. Emptied it, rearranged the storage area, painted the whole thing black, even the floor. He got a pull-down white "screen" for seamless white backgrounds (it's a huge sheet of paper, like photographers use. HUGE roll of paper).

So he filmed this in our garage, grabbing a few pieces from inside the house that would be visually interesting in silhouette. He made his budget goal of $0. The plastic was a painter's drop cloth I got maybe 5 years ago that we didn't use all of and that has been carted up and taken all over with us for no apparent reason. The lights are the car's headlights.

He filmed all night a couple of nights, and one night the neighbors across the street were out for a long time, and finally one teenage girl came over and introduced herself and told him the car headlights were on, just in case he didn't know. I think they were a little baffled (rightly--who makes movies in their garage all night using only the car as lighting?). The light blue background was an accident--the sun started coming up and he didn't realize it, but the effect was fantastico. The lights shooting into and out of his head in the light blue screen sections are actually the start of the morning commute! Fortuitous for others to create the special effects for us.

My favorite footage, which was shot before he cleared the space in the garage, so there was piles of stuff in silhouette around his silhouette, was deleted, so it didn't make it into the film.

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