Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Again

First, we drove from Boise to Provo. Then the kids and I rested while Tim worked from midnight until noon finishing a project in a studio in Provo. About when we woke up, he dropped into bed and slept 5 hours. Meanwhile, I collected our stuff from around my mom's house and visited with family for a short time. When Tim got up, we packed and packed our stuff out. One more load to go, it appears! (the large, awkwardly-shaped things didn't fit).

Then, at 9:45 pm, we left my mom's house. And we drove and drove and drove and drove. I don't know how Tim stayed awake. I couldn't. I couldn't sleep, either, for pain and car sickness. So it was a pretty miserable trip home. We got here at 7:00 am (or so), and took an hour to unload the car and get the kids first wiggled out and then settled down.

I got to sleep at 8:00 am and didn't sleep long enough. Tim had to go to a show, call time around 9:30 in Denver. So he didn't get to sleep until after the show--he got home at 3:45 pm and dropped into bed by 4:00 pm, having been going for well over 2 days on 5 hours of sleep.

And I, who slept some, am totally beat. I can hardly function here. I got into the house and had lots of plans of what projects to work on next to get the place looking really pretty, but I ended up moving computers around and then pooping out. Tim's still out cold, thankfully. Hopefully he can sleep 17-18 hours!

And everyone thinks the life of a musician is so glamorous!

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Ward's Corner said...

Hi, this is Michelle, Tim's friend. We met about 11 years ago when I went to visit Utah. I read a few posts and learned you're dealing with "fibro pain". May I recommend a book "Yoga for pain relief" by McGonigal, Kelly. It's a good book and easy to follow. Your life is so crazy. I hope you can take time to heal yourself. Best wishes!