Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

So, for the first time maybe ever, we got a babysitter for Valentines' day and went to a show.

We parted at the box office, and both enjoyed the show.

As usual, Tim was on the stage and I was in the audience.

Holidays are different for us than other people. Everyone else gets the day off work to spend with their families. And what do they do? Go out. To see shows and to eat dinner and to go to festivals.

That puts us on the other side of the fence--it's a work day.

Not that I'm complaining. Tim loves performing, the audiences love it. He gets a chance to make their holidays worthwhile, they pay our bills.

It just took some getting used to. We do have 'dead times' when there are no big holidays that we get Tim home. And Easter is always free--nobody goes to concerts for easter. Yet. Thanksgiving and Christmas morning are free, too. Sometimes we get Presidents' day off.

Have you ever noticed that the Church doesn't do so many church-sponsored shows and activities on Mondays? It's not because you can't have fantastically great experiences going to shows for Family Home Evening. I personally believe it's because they realize that someone has to put those shows on, and someone has to sell tickets, and someone has to run sound, and someone has to clean up after. And, unless those someones keep their kids up as late as we do, all those someones are missing Family Home Evening to give one to you.

Again, I'm not opposed to Tim performing on holidays. It pays our bills, and he enjoys it, and he takes special pains to spend as much of the holiday with us as he can, and then extra time on other days. It's just part of our life that most people never think about.

We did have a very nice Valentine's day. We were even in the same building this year!