Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why the small print matters

An ad came in the mail that claimed, "Green is the new color of clean. Through Green Seal Certified housecleaning chemicals, HEPA vacuums, and microfibers, The Cleaning Authority is committed to caring as much for the planet as we do for your home.*"

So I followed the asterisk and found this, in very small print, at the bottom of the page: "...Not all franchised locations will use Green Seal Certified products for residential housecleaning services, or follow US Dept. of Health and Human services recommended practices such as using HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths."

So not only might they not do what their main advertising point is--"green" cleaning, they might not even do the minimum suggested by the government! Yeah, they really sold me on their product.

Actually, if you read it carefully, they never claim they will use those things. Just that through them they are committed to caring as much for the planet as they do for your house, which apparently isn't much. It's not a very grammatical claim in the first place, is it?

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