Thursday, October 11, 2007

I thought Melody Yellowvan had retired from touring...

We thought we gave up the touring life last December. In fact, we planned to give up on heavily marketing moosebutter and just let it go--to it's death, we thought. It wasn't doing well, and, despite our very best efforts at marketing, no shows were coming in. Not just too few. NONE.

So we walked away, told the guys to get jobs (which they did), and moved on.

And then the calls started coming. First a school show here and there. Then a few more. Then a big company asking Tim to write an advertisement and have moosebutter perform it for a viral video campaign they were running that's going quite well. That led to other work with them, too. And bunches of people asking Tim to work with their choirs, groups, conferences, etc. as a master clinician. He's directing another honor choir, just finished being the professional advisor and a major clinician for a vocal workshop that had a successful first year.

And now another agent called. The agent moosebutter already is working with happens to be the agent for the guy who won America's Got Talent, but since we never managed to get the press materials together that he needed (because we figured we'd let moosebutter die a natural death), he hasn't been able to work for us. This new agent (the agent for the A Cappella Group that competed in America's Got Talent) books college shows nationwide, and he's talking to Tim--there's no deal yet by any stretch. They're just talking about it.

So I thought we were done touring forever. Then Tim actually toured almost every other weekend for the whole summer season. And now this.

I guess I'd better not get rid of my touring rig, yet. Even if Tim is just going himself on weekends, Melody Yellowvan may not get to retire to being a nice little family van yet. Regardless of what happens with this agent from the midwest, it looks like we can't get away.

Of course, she now has 175,000 miles on her, so she might have to retire anyway.

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