Monday, January 15, 2007

Draft of the "hook" for my next novel

I've been reading agent Jenny Rappaport's blog regularly for a couple of months now. Today she posted ( and found her request for literature that has normal-sized women as heroines. She, like me, went from size 4 (okay, I was a size 5) in high school to plump as a real woman. I almost emailed her the hook for my next novel, but it doesn't mention that the heroine is a regular-sized mommy now (had 3 kids, didn't stay skinny, just like me), so I didn't. The book isn't finished anyway, and the cardinal rule for contacting an agent is "Don't bother unless the material is ready". Then I checked my email and found she had requested a partial on the manuscript of my last novel! Oh joy and elation! Someone is interested again!

So I thought I'd post the hook here, since it's written, and see if having it out there helps me get the manuscript written. I think about it all the time; I just can't seem to write the darn thing.

What do you think? Does it make you want to read the book?

Maggie and the Mad Scientist

Five years ago, Maggie March had her first kill. Five years ago, Maggie was one of the up-and-coming super spies for the US. Five years ago, she was one of only two agents to face the Tenth Intelligence, a super-secret organization bent on destroying the US, and escape with her life—and the only one to escape with information. Five years ago, Maggie March was an international hero.

And five years ago, Maggie March walked away from it all to have a family.

Five years later, Maggie, now a fairly typical Mormon housewife, is visiting Las Vegas with her husband, a singing magician, and their three children. While they are in the new Mad Scientist Museum and Casino, the place is taken over by Charles DeLancy Curie II, the son of a mad scientist who wants his father’s bones taken off display and returned to his family. Suddenly finding her family stuck in a sealed building, Maggie discovers that the hired thugs Curie thinks he’s controlling are actually members of the Tenth Intelligence, and she’s the CIA’s only person inside the building.

Desperate to get her family out, Maggie agrees to come out of retirement to help the CIA stop Curie and find out why the Tenth Intelligence is in Vegas and what they plan to do.

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