Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Tim surprised me for my birthday by inviting my friends over from the ward. He even cleaned the house. It was really fun. Some even brought us chocolates!

Daniel surprised me for my birthday by taking his first steps. That was cool.

I got to talk to family. That was fun.

And now I'm 30. Wow. Finally I'm a grownup.

Finally I'm old enough in Boulder to start thinking about starting a family. Oh, wait....I'm on number 4 already. I'm not old enough for that, out here, but nobody ever is. So--Hooray!

It was a nice birthday.

And I got a new alarm clock and a new nightgown. Am I obsessing about sleep or something?

And the kids let me make a round birthday cake, one layer. That's wonderful.

Happy birthday, me!

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