Thursday, June 04, 2015


Today, Jack thought I was holding a book backward. He took it away and said, "No!  That's the The-End.  Read here.  Oh. Wait. _That_ is the The-End. Read here."

Jack says, "Emmeline wants to take mine baba."  Always "mine," never "my."

Today, I asked Jack if he needed a diaper change. "Yes," he said. "Mine diaper is pop, like a water balloon."  I said, "Your diaper is going to pop?"  "Yes," he said. "Like a balloon. Pop."  So I laid him down and changed his diaper and was horrified to discover he was still in his nighttime diaper many hours after he woke up. He had gotten up when I was in the shower and I had forgotten to change him when I got out!  Ooops. And yes, it did feel an awful lot like a water balloon that was about to pop. I can't believe it didn't leak!

Jack frequently says to me, "Mom, I'd like to hold you."  And when he cries in the night, or had night terrors, he refuses to calm down unless I say to him, "Jack, I'd like to hold you." And then he's fine.

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