Saturday, June 06, 2015

Prayers answered

I didn't get the main thing I prayed for this month.

But I am in awe of two things:

God is obviously aware of my wants and needs because He provided a bunch of things I have wanted for a long time but wasn't asking for (things that would make me happy but are not absolutely necessary for survival).

I have a whole lot of friends who are close to God, because when He talked to them about what I needed and wanted, they heard him, listened, and acted on it.

That just blows me away.  Both that God cared, and that my friends are such amazing people that when He talks, they effortlessly hear and act.

And I am so grateful.

And also I did get some of the things I prayed for, in addition to the things I wanted but didn't ask for.

So thank you, friends, for phone calls when I was down and feeling very alone (and you had no way of knowing that), for clothes, for eggs, for cupboards, for a piano, for a working oven, for a dishwasher, for a bed. You couldn't know that I wished I had a few pretty tops (for me and for Anda), that my oven would break the day after you asked if I wanted one, that my bed is anything but flat and the mattress is splitting open, that I looked longingly at every piano for sale all month but didn't mention it to anyone.  You couldn't have known I was praying for ways the kids could have their own little places to put their things away, or that the dishwasher door has been jumped on so many times I was afraid it was going to start leaking.

Thank you.

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