Monday, May 18, 2015

Things I want my kids to know: Hope

Hope is this magical, wonderful thing that makes all trials easier.

A little hope can do wonders.

Every time things got really bad, and a little hint of good that could possibly come would show up, it made everything better.

The trouble is, we often hope for good things that will happen. And then if they don't, we're crushed and sent right back to the depths of despair.

One day, I was feeling down and turned to Jesus instead. Instead of hoping that things would get better, I discovered I had hope in Jesus. This is hard to verbalize because it's not the same as having hope that Jesus loves me. Or hope that I'll get a promotion. Or hope that things will go my way.  It's just this undefined hope...centered on Jesus.

And that has been an enduring light in my life instead of one that goes off when the thing I hoped for didn't happen. I still hope that people will buy Tim's songs. And I still hope that the latest round of advertising will get him gigs in schools. And I still hope that people start hiring him regularly. And those hopes are still dashed more often than not. But the hope in Jesus (not hope that He cares, and not hope that He's going to fix things)...that has given me all the benefits of hope, but without the crash at the end.

It's not something I can explain because it is something I experience that is beyond words. It is just there.

So: hope in Jesus. Find that. I wish I could tell you how to get it. I'm not sure how I did--I just turned to Jesus and asked for it, I think. You could try it.

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