Thursday, May 05, 2011

Step one of my website, DONE

I decided to make my curricula (the ones I created for my children last fall) accessible to everyone (and my kids) with a fun interface that's easy to use.

I also improved the curriculum some, taking out broken or stupid links, fixing the order of some of the lessons, improving the science, art, and music immensely, and upgrading the reading and math.

I've only finished the playschool so far, but for toddlers (ages 1-3), it's REALLY fun. My 2 yo begs me to turn on his "green school."

Go have a look. Let your kids play. It's fun.

Hopefully I'll have more grades coming up soon. It's just a LOT of work. But all my big kids looked at it and said, "Can I do Learning Lynx Classroom next year, too?" So I'm plugging away at it, trying to get Pre-k through 5 done by the end of August.

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