Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some random thoughts I don't have the energy to develop right now

Wandering the net and I discovered:

Someone is doing another Mormon Musical. Here's my question: Why is it not only okay, but popular to mock Mormons? And what are they mocking us for? Apparently for believing that life should be happy and that family is important. I guess other people consider that naive? They don't WANT to be happy? Or they really believe it's not actually even possible? I don't get this. If we were ANY other race or religion, this would not be acceptable. But we're Mormon, so it's okay, right? Because we're just going to turn the other cheek?

At the same time, the debate is ongoing: It's not okay to marginalize homosexuals. (But it's okay to not only marginalize, but Mock Mormons? Really?)  I agree with that point--not okay to marginalize human beings. But it's smoke and mirrors. The real debate is freedom of belief--is it possible for two people with diametrically opposed beliefs to co-exist? It's the old irresistible cannonball and immovable post issue, in some ways. This fight is NOT about marginalizing gay people. This fight is about defending our right (on both sides) to believe something someone else finds reprehensible. And, unfortunately, religious people are not allowed to defend their side. Because religion is persona non grata in American life anymore. Why? I don't know.

The issue nobody can talk about because religion is persona non grata is that NOTHING we do is truly going to make the homosexual populace feel happy. They're trying to legislate us into that by legislating out our religions. Banish all the religions. Make the moral minority (under their definition of "moral") the dominant force in America today (vs the majority, who are religious and ALL being marginalized by the press lately), and they still won't be happy. Why? Alma 41:10.

I find it amazingly, sadly ironic that we openly, aggressively condemn other countries for allowing their citizens to persecute people because of their religions. But when it happens here, in the land of the free, we don't just look away. The popular culture (which I don't think actually represents the majority beliefs, but still controls the majority's actions) actually has a "serves them right!" attitude and openly HELPS the persecution instead of condemning it. But only if the persecuted are being persecuted for their religion. Instead of saying, "Hey, knock it off!" we give these people awards!

Other random thought (all the others appear to have been connected after all!):

I find it amusing that we, culturally (not individually), avoid having children and then, when they do come along, basically institutionalize them (in daycares) so we adults can all go out and act like children!

The Peter Pan approach to population ecology isn't sustainable. Culturally, we've got this weird, hedonistic, ego-centric thing going. We've elevated the individual so high in our values that we've not only rejected religion, but basic biology.  We're no longer searching for truth or happiness, but for stimulation of all kinds (physical, mental, etc), even at the expense of happiness, cultural stability, or anything that will give us cultural longevity. Are we all Nero, fiddling while Rome burns?

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CatMom said...

I don't know any Mormons personally, but the media/TV/internet mocks everyone.. it's just the way it is. South Park is one of those shows that I absolutely hate and they bash EVERYONE.