Monday, May 23, 2011

Free downloads of new songs

Tim is so anxious for people to hear his new stuff that he's willing to give it away free if you'll listen to it and tell him what you think--either a single song or the whole album--in a review (which you can email him, so he's the only one who sees it). He obviously wants to know what you like, but he also wants to know what you don't like. Good, bad, and ugly. He really wants to know.

And he really REALLY wants everyone to listen.

See, we've been having a dickens of a time getting people to listen to the new stuff because everyone is expecting moosebutter. But this couldn't be farther from moosebutter! It's nothing like moosebutter.

So have a listen. Please.

You can listen free here:

or here:

or here:

And here are instructions for getting it to download free:

If you like it, email Tim or message him on facebook and say so. If your friends would like it, please share!

This is new stuff and it's VERY VERY cool.  All vocal, but it's not "a cappella"--not like you've heard before.

And if you want proof that it's all vocal, come to one of the upcoming shows, in Colorado and Utah, but he's working on booking them everywhere: or for a listing.

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