Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is hope for our sleep yet.....

also, this was cool:

The second quiz is the one that applies to my family personally, and it came out fairly accurate, placing my internal bedtime within 15 minutes of what I've found my body really does.

I'm excited there are therapies. I seriously doubt we have access to them--even if Medicaid covered it, no doctors actually take Medicaid. (I still haven't figured out how the government thinks they extended coverage to everyone by saying, "Just get on Medicaid." Medicaid would be great--if anyone would accept it! I often wonder why doctors don't all just agree to everyone accept Medicaid--that would spread the losses out enough that no doctor would go under by taking Medicaid patients--and then being flooded with them because nobody else takes Medicaid.).

I'm curious what results my family would get on that quiz. They all denied having sleep problems, but several of them (or their spouses) have admitted to me that they "come alive" at around 10:00 pm and have tons of ideas and projects they want to work on then. That's one of the signs that your circadian rhythm is off!

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