Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plumbers of Rome in Boston

The other two Plumbers convinced Tim they wanted to sing at the Boston Harmony Sweepstakes and were willing to help cover the costs--that's how bad they wanted to go.

So they went.

Sang today.

And won FIRST place and audience favorite!

Go Plumbers!

They've won second place in various places around the nation more than once. They've won audience favorites more than once.

But this is their first trip to the Finals.

The funny thing is Tim has long wanted to be the first person to compete in TWO groups in the Harmony Sweepstakes Finals. Turns out it will be the other two Plumbers who will get that distinction--they both sing in the group that won the Denver Harmony Sweepstakes (as well as both in the group that took second in Denver). Other funny thing: Tim is producing a "single" (which nowadays has 3-5 tracks instead of a side and a flip side) for Confidential, the Denver winners, and has been a mentor to several members of that group! So everything is all tangled up on that point.

Anyway, May 15--Finals in San Fransisco. Exciting times!

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