Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank you, Mr. Obama

Well, at least now it's publicly acknowledged. For years, conservatives have been lambasted for claiming that the "mainstream media" was liberal.

Obama just forced them to admit it.

It was a great favor, of course, to the majority of the country, for him to expose his supporters as just that (since for decades they've claimed they were "unbiased" or "fair" or just cried foul when other said they were liberal-leaning). It reveals his extreme inexperience (and ineptitude) that he pointed out FoxNews as "not real news" and expected that to come off in his favor.

It does make me scary, though, if the rest of the world starts not loving him. His behavior with Fox News points out his immaturity in the face of opposition--exactly the kind of sophomoric behavior that could land us all in a war if some other country disses him in just the right way. He has revealed that his buttons are easily pushed. I would be interested to see what happens next if it wasn't my LIFE he's playing with.

Note to President: You are like the mommy--if you fight with the kids, then who is going to be the grownup? And, more importantly, who is going to teach the kids not to fight?

I don't mind that he exposed his cronies. I just hope they go after him so we can get someone else in there in 2012 (and hopefully the entire country isn't destroyed first!). After all, the media's prestige comes not from supporting power, but tearing it down. They were attacking the "power" of conservatism. Now maybe they'll go after our incompetent, power-grabbing president.

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