Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Promised Update

So, what happened in LA?

Everyone keeps asking.

There is a non-disclosure agreement in force, so Tim can't say much.

What he did say was that he, personally, is extremely pleased with the outcome. He also clarified that the fact that 3 of 5 groups auditioned was actually HIS choice, not cruelty on the part of the system. Moosebutter (Las Vegas Cast, with Tim singing both solos), Wonder Voice (Kai on both solos--she's incredible!), and 5th Avenue (not Tim's group, but one he respects a great deal and who invited him to join sometimes) all sang, sang well, and got a good positive response.

He said he thought the producer who was there was fantastic.

He saw a lot of the top professional groups in the nation there--and some he'd never met or heard of before.

Some groups have reported they were not going on (so some already know). Tim doesn't know yet. What we DO know--and knew going in--is that they can't cast 3 groups with the same members, or even crossover members. So there would have to be some discussion there.

Tim has likened auditioning for Reality TV to being in a callback for a play that is only partially written. It's NOT a talent show where the most awesome act wins. Just like in a callback/casting situation, in the end it has very little to do with how good you are and everything to do with what they need in the show. They have certain roles in mind that need to be filled, and if the best possible choice for leading lady is 4 feet tall, then having a 6'6" leading man might not cut it--even if he's more talented than the short guy who matches her better. Does that make sense?  The producers of the show most certainly are trying to showcase top talent because people want to see that. But when almost (if not absolutely) all the top professional vocal groups in the nation show up to audition, it's more about filling roles than finding talent. They were ALL qualified, but you don't have an interesting show if it's made up of 8 all-guy groups that sing covers of pop songs in similar ways. The producers, I'm sure, were looking for interesting TV--groups that were good on camera, good in interviews, fun, talented, could do what the show needs them to (including, rumor has it, arrange their own music), and that aren't all the same. They need a mix of ethnicities, a mix of styles, a mix of specialties (have you noticed the good pro groups all seem to specialize in one or two genres?), a mix of group voices (all-guy, mixed, all-girl).

SO, despite the fact that Tim's groups probably did well enough to be on the show, and certainly were received well, and weren't cut outright like some groups were--we don't know if they got into the show and won't until the producers take the audition reels to the casting team and executive producer, and the hash out the details and how they want the show to go--and that might not involve mb, wv, or 5th Avenue.

Or it might.

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