Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeschooling Resource Recommendation


It's a great resource for homeschoolers.

How can a movie service be useful for homeschoolers?

Sign up for their basic package (about $10/month), and you get access to hundreds of "Instant play" movies online, including bunches of educational children's programming (LOVE "Cyberchase"--teaches math skills, problem solving, and working together) and tons of documentaries.  TONS of them. All that play instantly on your computer or TV (here, the TV is set up as a second screen for the computer, so we play stuff through the computer onto the TV). Also, we can watch a lot of the movies that go with the books we've been reading ("Princess Bride" anyone?), which is both fun and educational, along with classic films.

So now, to supplement our Language Arts, Arts/Music, Science, and Social Studies curricula, we're watching documentaries on mammals, mayan linguistics, history, jazz, etc. Fun fun stuff. I love NOVA, and now we can have it instantly, any time of day or night, to add to what we're learning.

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