Friday, September 18, 2009

ANOTHER new blog?

I have been thinking about sharing all my cheap and easy recipes for YEARS--family-friendly, easy, simple, healthy meals from relatively basic ingredients that are easy to put together, mostly fast, and tasty. Most of them I learned from my mother. All of them I've tried.

In response to a friend's request on facebook, I decided to not collect and self-publish, but just post online for all the world to benefit from.

You can access them here:

There's only one so far.

I've only cooked one dinner so far!

But I'll start posting my recipes there instead of here. Go see if it is of any interest. Post comments. Email me recipes to test and post.


Brooke said...

Is there any way could could copy-and-paste the recipes you've already posted on this blog to that blog? I was thinking to myself the other day that it would be nice to make your tortilla recipe, but I can't remember when you posted it, and had no desire to sift through months of archives to find it.

Becca Jones said...

I thought I got all of them, but I missed the tortilla recipe. So I moved it. If there are others I missed, let me know.