Sunday, August 02, 2009

What Dan Likes to Break

Daniel was playing with his toys the other day, and the energy built and built in the game until he was noisily banging things around. Now, I'm totally in favor of the boys playing at saving the world, conquering the bad guys, rescuing people, and generally being heroes. But there is a point where the violence seems to overwhelm every other aspect of play, and I call it there. I don't like my boys to rehearse violence.

So I called out, "Play gently, Dan!"

He immediately protested, "But Mom, I'm breaking the fourth wall!"

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Catherine Carlson said...

Becca- This is Tim's cousin Catherine (the annoying one that keeps trying to get everyone to come to the family reunion Aug 28-30...ahem) Anyway, I found your blog today and have loved reading. This post reminded me of a story about a fellow vocal performance major in college. He was shopping with his 3-year-old daughter when they came across a display with a big picture of Frankenstein, arms extended, mouth wide open in what was I'm sure supposed to be scary posture. His daughter turned to him and said "Daddy, what's he singing?"