Friday, August 14, 2009

Allergies and did I just read that collide....

We've been packing, selling what we could, packing more, packing more...and discouraged because there's seemingly no way to get everything done.

A friend from the ward brought us some home made granola for a treat.

And, at dawn, after we packed all night to avoid the heat (sold the swamp cooler, so now we have to use the semi-functional air conditioner!), Dan ate some.

And his face swelled up, and his lips swelled up, and he got that asthmatic cough and thought something was stuck in his throat, and he got pale and his speech got thick because his tongue was swelling....and I gave him some Benadryl and Tim whisked him off to the Emergency Room, which is where they are right now (they called to say Dan is fine, though).

So, naturally, I looked up "nut allergy" online since my friend who made the granola told me the ingredients, and the only three I never use are walnuts, flax seed, and psyllium.

I found this gem of a sentence on a site about nuts: "The following are not considered nuts: nutmeg, water chestnuts, and butternut squash." (

No kidding....

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