Monday, August 31, 2009

So, we're in Utah for a bit.....

I grew up in Utah, so it should be familiar territory for me. But I've been away long enough now that there are some things that have struck me as very very odd:

The people are unfriendly. I have more than once looked someone in the eye and smiled at them and gotten a blank stare back. I'm the kind of person who makes friends with the clerks in the grocery store, so this is strange for me.

Um, Road Rage? Why?

2-toned hair. Are the women aspiring to be zebras or skunks?

Skinny moms. They don't have as many of these elsewhere. What's up with that?

Those same pitying looks when I go out in public with 5 kids. I thought people in Utah, of all places, would understand and I wouldn't be so abnormal.

Conformity is highly valued here. Moreso than other conservative places I've lived.

Hello, Billboards! Even Las Vegas doesn't have so many billboards. And the billboards are text-intensive---how are you supposed to read them and drive safely?

Love the speed suggestion on the roads. Oh, you mean that's a speed limit? Why is it the starting point in the slow lane on the freeway? Why is it the tailgate speed on city streets? I'm confused... Are the cops just lulling people into carnal security so they can make a killing on speeding tickets when the economy starts pinching local budgets, then?

Maybe everyone speeds so much here because ya'll don't ever post the speed limit? Hey? Might think about that some time.....

Let's hear it for uncontrolled growth! I've never seen so many communities that seem to aspire to slumhood in my life!

I used to think summers here were hot. Now I haven't found a day for the kids to play in the slip-n-slide in two weeks in Mid August.

Wow. Perfume. All over the place. Even on the men. Lingering on the sidewalks when nobody has gone by in hours. Surprising because Utah is a relatively nice-smelling place in general. Except for all the perfume....

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Laramie said...

Amazing what you notice when you leave...

I wish they'd just tear down the billboards; they interfere with so much nice scenery.

About that slip & slide--after living in the pacific northwest any day over 80 will do. After all, we play in 50 degree ocean water, and that's in the summer.