Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tim's videos

I never thought I would know or care so much about YouTube stuff, but here it is, part of our life now. And people keep asking what's up with Tim's videos, so here's the update:

Corey Vidal/moosebutter "Star Wars" is inching toward 3.6 million views and is in the running for a People's Choice Award. The awards ceremony is on Jan 7. Vote every day and then tune in and we hope you'll see the video win. We hope. It's been played on TV in Poland, Brazil, France, Spain, and who knows where else (lots of comments in languages I don't speak!)--and hopefully in America on Jan 7.

Moosebutter "Star Wars" response has close to 150,000 views and lots of funny comments (although beware the language is foul).

"Enter Kazoo Man" is growing rapidly, with well over 50,000 views in 10 days, and getting more every day--there is some evidence it's going viral, and this is pleasing to me, at least. Again, lots of good and funny comments (ranging from "How can you support this man wasting his life" to "Oh--you're THAT Mister Tim?" to "I can't believe the talent!"--but again, beware the language. Metallica fans have a particular affinity for the f-word.) It has hit some networking sites and forums around the world, including Germany, which has really pushed its' growth. There is some debate about whether it's all one guy. And a great deal of debate about which member of Metallica he's lampooning in which box. Oh, and Tim has now been compared to the guy from Mythbusters!

Corey Vidal's/Mister Tim's "Barbary Coast Christmas Card" exploded in the last 2 days, going from less than 10,000 views to nearly 30,000 almost overnight. Apparently it's spreading rapidly around China! Tim is going to try to spend some time remembering his Chinese characters to see if he can ferret out the meaning in all those comments, and I am being probably overly pleased that this time it really was the vocal talent of only one person--and it happened to be Tim--and they happened to credit him right in the 'more info' of the sidebar.

And there are plans for more. Lots more, both from Mister Tim and from the collaboration of Corey Vidal and Mister Tim (which is, despite comments on the videos to the contrary, a very happy and productive collaboration so far). I'll keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, with all this excitement, I keep hoping it will turn into a paying job--or more contracts--of some kind soon...and that the contracts that have already come from it will work out.

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