Saturday, July 05, 2008

Funny Kids this month

Today, Tim was painting new designs on a T-shirt, and Caleb came in and said, "Mom, Dad is editing his shirts."

A couple days ago, I looked down and found Benjamin trying to pull off his belly button. He has a slight hernia, so his belly button is a pronounced outie, which means he could easily pinch it. So he was trying to pull it off. I finally said, "What are you doing Benji?" and my little one year old replied, "I want a ding-dong!"

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Brooke said...


I edit my Shirts all the time.

Ho ho ho. And much with the punning on having "Shirts" for a surname.

Oh -- Jeffrey has discovered the joys of Star Wars recently. For some reason, he refers to C-3PO as "Moosebutter." We have no idea why; my theory was that the connection was made in utero. :-)