Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When you die....

I got news this month that two people in my life have cancer and aren't going to live long.

One person has been kind to people I love for many years, and when I heard he was not going to live much longer, I cried. For him to suffer, for his family to lose him, for my loved ones to lose him. He will be sorely missed, and many, many people will be working hard and living good so they can be with him again.

One person has been horribly, obstinately, aggressively abusive to people I love for many decades, and when I heard she was going to die, I thought, "Good riddance; thank goodness she won't be able to hurt anyone anymore," and immediately felt ashamed for it because we're not supposed to feel relieved when someone dies. I also felt sad for her. I'm not sitting here rejoicing in her cancer. I felt sad for her because her cancer will make her suffer, and I hate to see even a spider or a dog suffer. And I felt sad for her because she's going to have to meet God after all the horrible things she's proudly done to others that damaged them and sometimes destroyed their lives that she feels no remorse for at all.

I know this is a socially inappropriate post but I just want to say this:

Live so that when you die, the first sentiment in most people's minds is not, "Good riddance."

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