Saturday, September 26, 2015

What bedtime looked like at our house tonight

Some big kid decided it was a great idea to play "killing zombies" in the big kids' room tonight when I sent them all (six share a room) down to read.

So when it was time to sleep, I had big kids happily contemplating the heroism of slaying the undead, the little kids were unhappily contemplating zombies.

Three kids needed sippy cups of milk at the same time. One needed to watch a movie to keep him out of trouble. Another needed to watch a different movie in a different room to escape thinking about zombies. Another just couldn't settle down and kept coming out of the bedroom for this thing or that.

Elijah, meanwhile, busied himself making a machine that would open the cupboard for him out of a toy shopping cart and a bungee cord.

Caleb spent time pacing through the house, lost in thought.

I set the baby down to go chase kids off to their various spots, and when I came back, I found Emmeline had found a bag of large marshmallows on the floor in the kitchen. And she had managed to open it. And she had managed to empty it. By the time I got there, she was sitting happily in a pile of large marshmallows, one in each hand, taking bites out of as many as she could get into her sticky little fists. It was so cute, I couldn't step in to stop her for a minute. Besides, her attempts at crawling with marshmallows stuck to both hands were quite comical.

But now it's bedtime. And at least 4 kids are on their feet in the living room.

Back to herding cats.

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