Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big houses

Wow. I was relaxing and spacing out last night and I came across a slide show of celebrity houses. In a brain dead stupor, I scanned through 70 of them.

As I looked, though, my brain grew more and more alert as I grew more and more disgusted.

Those houses were big enough for fifteen families! And many celebrities owned more than one.

And I know the celebrities earned enough to pay for those multi-million-dollar homes.

But two people with no kids really don't need 8,000 square feet. Really. Honestly. What do you do in a house? Eat (so you need a kitchen, but only enough of one to comfortably cook and eat in), sleep (so you need a bedroom big enough for a bed), relax (so you need a space to read or watch TV or whatever your hobby is), study or work (so an office?)....what are the other seven thousand square feet for?

Even with six kids, we would be rolling in space with just 3,000 square feet. And if we had 4,000, Tim's business would be rolling in space, too.

So if I ever end up rich and try to buy one of those mansions, somebody please slap me and remind me that there are better uses for millions of dollars than higher utilities bills.

There was one house that seemed reasonable: Will Smith's house was relatively normal-sized for a family--what he invested in was land to ride horses. Now that seems reasonable to me.

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Brooke said...

I think I'd invest in land to ride horses, too. 'Cause then my adult self AND my eight-year-old inner self would both be TOTALLY HAPPY.