Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Peek into the Future, or, 2 Dozen Reasons you should donate $10 to Mister Tim's Kickstarter

Tim might kill me for this, since none of these songs is truly ready for release yet, but I want you to get a taste of what I hear every day coming from my basement to give you an idea of why I'm so anxious for Tim to get to go down to Vegas and work with Angel Angelov, a producer he knows who I really feel will be able to give Tim's recordings a commercial "edge" they need.

These are almost all drafts. Some are not finished songs. Even through the unfinishedness of them, though, you can hear the brilliance and the poetry.

 I am anxious for his kickstarter to get enough funding that he can go and make music. He won't get to record all these songs--just 3. But 3 is enough to get started, to open doors (hopefully) to allow him to make more. Have a listen. You won't regret it. (If you're seeing this in an email, hop on over to the actual blog post to hear the songs: It's a sneak peek of unreleased don't want to miss it!

 One of my favorite songs, "Upper Crust":

 I find this an intensely compelling piece of storytelling. "Crimson Skies":

 Peter Pan was walking to the hall of fame....."Red Hot Blues":

 My kids love to listen to this in the evenings. It's hauntingly beautiful and made me cry the first time I heard it. "Down and Down":

 LoveLoveLove this song. "Bang on the Door":

 Tim often opens his theater shows with this song. "Beatnik":

Just a snippet of a comedy song he's written. "If I":

The first time I heard this, I told Tim, "You Can NOT put comedy words to that. It's too pretty." So he didn't. "Rumba":

 Tim wrote this after holding his newborn baby. First time I heard it, I could feel the love infused all through it. "So Warm":

This is a horrible live recording of a remarkable, powerful song. "The Sound Goes Around":

 You won't be able to get this out of your head...."Sunkist Mountain Tops":

 First time I heard this one, I couldn't tell if it was hopeful or sad, or both. "So Long Old Song":

Every time I tell Tim I love this song, he says, "Just wait until you get to hear the finished version!" "Fire Can":

 One of the first looping songs Tim wrote, almost nobody has heard this one, and I love it! "Mr. B":

 This song first strikes you as silly, but it's actually astonishingly emotionally powerful when you hear it live. "I Have Become":

 Sorry for the robot voice in this--Tim used audio technology to move his voice into the female register. "Sweet" has some of the cleverest lyrics I've ever heard:

 Many people have said this is a really catchy, appealing song. Tim wrote it on an airplane flying home from a gig. "Momma":

I adore this song. It really hits home for me. "Half n Half":

LOVE this song. "John Brown":

 I think this is one of Tim's best songs, and he's won awards for it, but he doesn't think it's one of his better songs. Ha! "LaaDeeDah":

 Can't get this one out of my head. It's a really sweet love song, but I don't think it's finished. "Do You Believe":

 This song is really touching. It's the Dad's point of view at graduation. "Goodbye":

 This song was pulled from the 9th Chapter and 15th verse of several books in the Bible. LOVE it, but it's also 9 minutes, 15 seconds long. It, too, has won awards. "9:15":

A song sung by the Christmas Tree, the day after Christmas. Also, it's about the people we forget at Christmas, like the elderly, the widows, etc. "In the Corner All Alone":

 And finally, a song that is layered with meaning. It is about ancient Israel, about the life of an artist, about Jackson Pollock, about Tim. You can find some of the lyrics in the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament:

These are mostly rough recordings, and some of them unfinished songs, that I hope some day will be made into finished products. If Tim gets to go to Vegas to work with the producer we are excited about, he will get the tools and connections he needs to both get an agent (to help him book more shows so he can afford to keep spending hours making new music) and to record more songs, and these might actually get finished.

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Do you know if there are recordings of these songs anywhere? I can only find some of them on the Messpile...