Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anda is so cool

Just when I start to worry that I was totally off-base thinking I should be throwing my 7 year old into a college biology course, I get this.

She woke me up this morning with (and I quote. Directly. No paraphrasing at all.): "Mom, what are the symptoms of rhinovirus?"

What? Why?

I think I mumbled "Stuffy nose."

"Oh. Good," she said.

"Why? Are you sick?" I asked, coming more awake.

No, she explained. She's writing a comic, and the main character is a single cell, and the first episode is called, "Trouble in the nose."

In it, the Immune system sends Cellina and her dog, Nuclea, to battle rhinoviruses in the nose. And, since we were just studying the Lytic and Lysogenic cycles (virus "life" cycles), and also how the immune system works, I suspect she'll get it right and also exciting.

And I wasn't sure she was getting it.....

I love that homeschooled kids often come up with their own projects to show they are engaged in the material--no forcing, coercing, begging, pleading, or bribing involved. Just excited kids learning exciting things and applying them in cross-curricular ways. No teacher could ask for more!

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