Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nathanael's Stuff drawer

Nathanael discovered the drawer at the bottom of the oven last a few months ago--the one people keep muffin tins and lids in?  He claimed it for his own, and occasionally crawls over there and stashes some thing or other that he likes in that drawer.

So last night I peeked in, curious what matters to a just-barely-1 year old.

What I found:

2 untasted frosted animal cookies
1 apple core
a plastic bowl
a popsicle stick
a wallet-sized picture of his aunt and 2 cousins that he's only met a couple of times
a bit of paper towel
a math quiz
a small ball of bread dough (now hard as rock)
an empty candy wrapper
the cut-off end of an otter pop package
a single square of frosted mini wheats
a 1" square of dried bread.

Every once in a while he'll take something out of his stash, but mostly he adds to it every couple of weeks.

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