Monday, July 13, 2009

Did I just read that?

I found one of my all-time favorite advertising claims today, on the front of the box of Fred's Children's Non-Aspirin Acetaminophen that I got at the dollar store.

"Tested against the active ingredients in Children's Tylenol elixir" with a cute little seal with a lab beaker on it that says, "Lab-tested Guaranteed".

Doesn't even say, "Compare to....." Just "tested against". Not how it measured up or how the tests came out or who did them (except that they were in a lab, but I can call my kitchen a lab--I do chemical transformations in there. When I make dinner.) Nor does it say what they were testing. Not necessarily the effectiveness. No--perhaps the viscosity of the liquid? Or the volume of the bottle? The stiffness of the cardboard box? Recognizability on shelves as medicine? There are a million things you could compare.

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