Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did I Just Read That?

I was walking through the 99c store with my boys, looking for birthday presents for my daughter (what do you get a girl who is emotionally and socially six, but intellectually about 10? She holds her stuffed kitty while riding her broomstick around because she recently read 3 Harry Potter books to herself....), we started noticing some pretty silly stuff there.

For example, there was a shelf full of boxes of cookies, labeled nicely with pictures. And right in the middle of the set was one that said, "Glass." Seriously. Not "Glass Cookies" or anything like that. If I had a cell phone, I'da taken a picture!

A little further down the same aisle was a package of cookies labeled "Okayo". Not great, not good, not tasty. Nope. Just "okay." That's what I want on my product!

And on the same aisle was a box of "Happy-o" cereal. I don't know why this struck me as funny, but it did.

Then, in the spice section, we saw Ground Cumin, Whole Black Pepper, Chili Powder, Chef's Essence....Chef's Essence? It was blood red.....

Oh, and we did find presents for Anda. A Dragon Tales video--which she loved. A magnifying glass to assist her with her scientific research--which she loved. Jewelry. Soap paint soap stuff. Stickers. Nail polish. A Harry Potter Trivia game. Chocolate, like she requested. "Sheet cheese." You know--stuff. She loved it all, so I guess we win, despite the fact that we couldn't find any cotton candy OR tigers, both of which she requested.

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